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Expertise and insight to help you achieve your financial dreams

At One River Capital, we empower individuals to achieve financial freedom, live the life of their dreams, and give back to their communities.

Whether you were born in the US, are immigrants, or foreigners, we believe everyone should have access to the wealth-building benefits and power of real estate investing.

By creating opportunities for others to invest passively in multifamily syndications (group investments), we help people generate income while making a lasting impact. Achieve your financial goals while you sleep with your passive investments working for you, without you having to lift a finger.

One River Capital eliminates the hassle, learning curve, and time commitment required to invest in real estate. We do this by gathering the resources, screening numerous deals, strategizing, and executing all tasks so you can enjoy your monthly passive cash flow.

Build generational wealth, live a life by design, and make a social impact

While real estate investing can be challenging and intimidating, it doesn't need to be if you put your trust in One River Capital.

You can build wealth that supports you, your family, and your community. Wealth that makes a generational impact and creates a legacy.

So, are you ready to let your hard-earned capital work for you?
We never charge to explain our process or answer your questions, we’d love to get to know you and help you decide if this is the right path to achieve your goals.

The Values That Drive One River Capital

At One River Capital, our core values are the compass that guides everything we do. They determine the properties we seek to invest in, our strategies, and the actions we take to empower you on your financial and real estate investment journey.

Your Trust Guides Our Business

Integrity is at the forefront of our core values, and we don’t take your trust in us lightly. Every interaction from the moment we meet and throughout the investment process is deeply rooted in maintaining your trust.

We establish open and honest communication and believe trust is earned through consistency, reliability, authenticity, and respect.    

Embracing Our Differences Builds Strength

As a business founded by an immigrant dedicated to providing everyone opportunities to achieve passive wealth, diversity is more than a value–it’s who we are. Everything in our business is empowered by diversity.

From the partners we work with, the people we serve, and your asset classes–we believe our differences fuel growth and that everyone deserves to live a life of freedom and wealth.

You Can Always Lean On Us

We are here for you! It’s a privilege and honor to provide you with the best service in the industry. That’s why in our relationship, every moment is designed to positively impact your life, future, and community.

From answering your questions to helping you achieve your financial goals, we promise to support and guide you along the way. We look forward to forging a strong partnership and friendship with you.

Do Well By Doing Good

Compassion and commitment are the core of our company. We pride ourselves on providing safe and high-quality homes that our tenants are proud to call home.

We take our mission a step further by ensuring our reach extends to community events, improving common spaces, and partnering with social and humanitarian organizations in the community.

We believe in making a collective difference that positively impacts everyone.



Meet the founder of One River Capital

Hello, I’m Giang Nguyen.

Born and raised in Vietnam, I came to the states to pursue my dreams. For almost ten years, I worked as a scientist to generate a gene therapy for a blood disorder.

During my career, I had exciting opportunities to contribute to our scientific knowledge. I published first-authored papers and presented my research at regional, national, and international conferences. I even held a patent for a protein variant I engineered–a proud moment for me.

I had an exciting career surrounded by people that inspired me every day. And I was on track to fulfill my parent’s vision for my life. You know, the dream many parents have for their children–earn a degree, find a good job, and have a family.

But, one day, while working in the lab, I received news that changed the trajectory of my life. My dad, who was living in Vietnam, was hospitalized and might not make it. This was a terrifying and life-changing wake-up call for me.

Without the flexibility of passive income, I couldn’t support my family the way I needed to.

Scared and overwhelmed, I knew something needed to change. And that I needed to build financial freedom and time freedom beyond what my job and salary could provide. It wasn’t just about money. My income, no matter how high, wouldn’t have been enough to support my parents, future, and community.

Thankfully, through hours of research, I stumbled across real estate investing, which changed my life forever.

Throughout my 7-year real estate career, I’ve built a portfolio of single-family and multifamily rentals. I’ve also completed multifamily conversion and renovation projects. I’ve leveraged my scientific background to become a master of analyzing deals. There is no guesswork involved, I present well-vetted numbers to support all the deals I’ve invested in, and you’ll receive the same.

I reached financial freedom and retired from my career before I turned 32.

No, I didn’t come into family money or win the lottery. I’m someone who experienced challenges and roadblocks, just like you, and decided to overcome them and change my life through real estate investing.

Now I help others passively invest in real estate–empowering their best lives.

Honestly, there aren’t many real estate investment opportunities open to immigrants or foreigners. If you’re like me, you’ve probably faced or are facing unfair challenges and limitations on your path to financial success and freedom. 

As someone who found a way to pivot through investing obstacles, it’s possible to find passive income opportunities, regardless of your circumstances. 

Through real estate syndications, I will help you build passive wealth so you can create a legacy for your future and have the time and freedom to enjoy doing what you love.

No matter the obstacles, you can become a successful investor. This is my promise to you.

What are real estate syndications?

Real estate syndication occurs when a group of investors combines their capital together to purchase a large real estate property. Instead of waiting to save to buy your own rental property (which can take years), real estate syndications allow you to invest with other investors today. 

Our role as a syndicator is to handle everything, from finding the property, managing the finances, and operating every step of the process. 

This syndication structure allows you to receive ownership shares of the property and enjoy a monthly passive cash flow while building a legacy for your family through the appreciation.

Real estate syndication is the gift that keeps on giving. 


Ready to invest in your future?

If your story is like mine, and you’re an immigrant or individual wanting to build wealth, real estate can be your path to success. Passive investing through real estate syndication will give you more freedom, time, and income to support your future, family, and legacy.

You don’t need to wait until you are under a specific immigration status, reach a certain amount in your savings, or until you find the perfect property. You can get started today! And together, we can build your financial wealth, make an impact, and empower your life and generations to come.

Advisory Board

Ashley Wilson

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Bar Down Investments

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