How it Works

Passive Income from Syndication Investments

What are real estate syndications?

Real estate syndication occurs when a group of investors combines their capital to purchase a large real estate property. Instead of waiting to save to buy your own rental property (which can take years), real estate syndications allow you to invest with other investors immediately.

Our role as a syndicator is to handle everything, from finding the property, vetting the on-the-ground management team, managing the finances, and operating every step of the process.

Wondering what’s in it for us? We need partners to invest with us in the deals we are securing, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

This syndication structure allows you to receive ownership shares of the property and enjoy monthly passive cash flow while building a legacy for your family through appreciation as the property increases in value over time.

Here’s How Investing With Us Works

Step 1

Join One River Investor Circle

Start by joining One River Circle, a community dedicated to syndication investing. It’s a supportive network of people like you who are ready to build passive income and generational wealth while striving for social impact.

Step 2

Preparing to Invest

Once you take that first step, we’ll schedule a call to learn all about you. During the call, we’ll talk about your financial goals, expectations, and current obstacles. You’ll also have multiple opportunities to ask questions and receive valuable information on syndication investing. We help you understand what your specific journey to financial freedom can look like.

Step 3

Picking the Right Property

When we find great opportunities aligned with your budget and goals, we’ll share them with you promptly and directly. Once you pick the right project for you, we’ll guide you through the process of passively investing in real estate syndications from start to finish.

Step 4

Let Us (And Your Money) Do the Work

Your job is done, and we will take over the work from here. We are dedicated to helping people like you accomplish your financial goals while making an impact. This is your chance to relax and watch the money roll in. It’s that simple.

Have questions but aren't ready to hop on a call with us yet?

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