EP 206: Social Impact: Investing Beyond the Numbers with Anna Kelley, Giang Nguyen & Pili Yarusi

One River Capital Podcast
One River Capital Podcast
EP 206: Social Impact: Investing Beyond the Numbers with Anna Kelley, Giang Nguyen & Pili Yarusi

On today’s episode of The Real Estate InvestHER Show, Liz and Andresa welcome three guests: Anna Kelley, Giang Nguyen and Pili Yarusi. Together with Andresa, these three women have created the Trailblazer Project, a real estate syndication inspired and led by women. Their goal with this project is to honor the past, leverage the present, ignite the future, and create a meaningful investment opportunity for other women who want to make a social impact.


Anna got started in real estate investment over 20 years ago and used her investments to retire from her 9-5 job at the age of 44. Now, Anna is able to pursue her true passion: helping other women create the financial freedom they need to radically transform their lives. In today’s episode, Anna explains that sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest impact. She urges listeners to think about the small ways that they can make a difference in the lives of their tenants, such as bringing a pack of diapers to a mama who’s struggling to get by.




Pilialoha (Pili) Yarusi has made it her life’s mission to “Lead with Aloha.” A wife and mom of three magical kiddos, Pili is also a Large Multifamily Owner, Operator and Syndicator. She and her husband Jason founded Yarusi Holdings LLC, a large multifamily investment firm. They have over $75M in AUM across over 850 multifamily units. Pili encourages listeners to reframe their “yes, but…” mindset and take the leap into what they are truly passionate about. In her words, “Why would you wait to live? Why would you wait to give?”



Giang Nguyen is a scientist and real estate entrepreneur. With over ten years of experience as a researcher, Giang is highly skilled in collecting and analyzing complex data, as well as building and employing financial models. She applies this data-driven approach to helping guide the Trailblazer team in identifying key markets across the US and underwriting multifamily syndication opportunities. Giang tells numbers-focused listeners to add a line in their calculations for whatever social cause rings most true to them. She explains that this is an easy way to start making a meaningful impact with your earnings.



To learn more about our about these incredible women and the Trailblazer Project, check out this link: https://www.therealestateinvesther.com/trailblazer



• “In order to really create financial freedom and have that balance, we have to have a truly compelling vision of what we want our lives to look like.” (08:08-08:15 | Anna Kelley)

• “It’s not worth it to me to do a deal just to do a deal….The beauty about living within your purpose and creating true financial freedom is it allows you to say, ‘What do I want to do? What fuels me? What am I passionate about?’”  (10:04-10:20 | Anna Kelley)

• “What’s in your heart, what you love to do, who you love to help: that is what’s going to get you up in the morning.” (12:36-12:43 | Pili Yarusi)

• “You don’t have to wait to make a social impact.” (18:25-18:28 | Giang Nguyen)

• “I think we tell ourselves we can only do so much instead of saying, ‘How could I make an impact even in a small way?’” (23:07-23:12 | Anna Kelley)

• “Tell yourself, ‘I have all the time in the world’ even if it doesn’t sound truthful….You can make it truthful for yourself by creating that mindset shift, telling yourself you do have all the time in the world, and then going out and creating it.” (26:54-27:20 | Pili Yarusi)

• “If you’re the running numbers type of person, add that one line in your calculation. Hey, you have cash flow of x, right? Add that one line. Don’t name it “Social Impact”; that’s too big. Name it for whatever cause you want it to be.” (30:35-30:55 | Giang Nguyen)

• “Why would you wait to live? Why would you wait to give?” (34:56-35:01 | Pili Yarusi)

• “Just knowing that we can do well financially for our own families, do well financially for our investors, and empower and impact women and lift them up within our complexes, so that they can go impact other people – there’s nothing more inspiring to me.” (51:20-51:37 | Anna Kelley)

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